Micro Utility Partners Permaculture Team visits Kim Foundation

Our main partner in Bali – Alila Hotels & Resorts – regularly supports the Kim Foundation – who¬†strive to increase awareness around mental health and suicide prevention – in various ways. Last week Alila have invited our permaculture team to join them in their visit to Kim’s, which was particularly relevant given the permaculture activities taking place at he foundation’s grounds.
Breakfast with Kim Foundation
Upon our arrival, the children and their Guru Sari (teacher and manager) welcomed us with a delightful natural and nutritious breakfast, which consisted of herbal tea and a selection of sweet potato, cassava and fruits.
Guru Sari of Kim Foundation
Guru Sari then took us for a walkabout around the property, which is quite sizable and extends to the river, with various gardens with different crops along the way. The foundation also has a a beauty shop, a workshop for clothing production, a play area for the children, as well as a nursery building.
Gardening 02
We were invited to plant some chili and green vegetables together. We were able to share some of our expertise in this space and made suggestions to plant the veggies in a raised beds. We also discussed usage of compost. Subsequently, we were invited to create a living fence consisting of trees and bamboo. After a few hours work, we shared a lunch in the lovely forested area and continued our discussion about the challenges related to growing various types of plants as well the foundation’s other work and challenges.
Living Fence Preparation
Living fence preparation

The Micro Utility Partners team like to extend a big Thank You to Silvina for coordinating the event!